Most travel agencies will arrange your trip to the blue hole but you can do it yourself as well.

The best time to visit it is between the months of January and May as otherwise you might experience the rainy season. There is an $80BZ fee ($40 USD) to dive or snorkel at the Blue Hole.

There are different ways to reach the Great Blue Hole on your own.

Fly to Ambergris Caye

One of the most popular ones is to fly directly to Ambergris Caye airport that lies very close to the Lighthouse Reef. Click here to find accomodation ⇒ Ambergris Caye Hotels

From here you can beat the crowds by taking a speedboat early in the morning when it is the best time to visit it. Arrange the speedboat rental with your hotel or resort in advance.

Small, 3 seat planes are available for rent from Belize City or Caye Caulker and costs on average $200 per person.

Access from Belize City

From Belize City, the Lighthouse Reef is located 70 km away and you can also rent a boat to take you there. Be advised that a boat will take over 2 hours one way and it can be exhausting by the time you arrive there.

But if you spend more days in Belize, it is worth considering renting a boat instead of a helicopter or plane.